IDEAs Against Violence

We collaborate with schools to prevent and respond to acts of violence and enhance student and faculty safety through education and community building.

All across the country, 50 million kids go to school every day, arriving on yellow busses, by car, or walking from home. For 90,000 of these children each year, their day doesn’t end on the bus, in the car with their parents, or walking home with their friends but, instead, in a trip to the emergency room due to violence suffered in school. In an era where children spend increasingly long hours at schools, the need for solutions to the problem of violence in school environments has never been greater. With the proper education, action, and community empowerment on the subjects of school safety, violence prevention, and holistic response to acts of violence, a future can be created where parents are confident that their children will be safe every day at school and teachers will feel secure in the workplace. To transition from our current state of society to that future, IDEAs Against Violence delivers educational programming and develops safety procedures for school communities. Since school districts have too many competing budget factors as is and providing safety for schools is a moral imperative, all IDEAs Against Violence services and programs are absolutely free.

We would like to give a huge thanks to Hugh Gelch, Gerald & Marilyn Fishbone, Ruby Krouwer, and Sheila Kaplan for donating already!

What does the "IDEA" acronym mean?

We have lots of good IDEAs. For example, our violence prevention methods address:

  • Identifying potential danger
  • Deploying resources
  • Ensuring student and faculty safety
  • Avoiding escalation